Tye Dye Party Pups Face Covering - AKA HOOMAN 'MUZZLE'  :-)

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Tye Dye Party Pups Face Covering - AKA HOOMAN 'MUZZLE' :-)


Available units: 2

What's better than one kind of dog on your 'MUZZLE'?  How about a whole CORNUCOPIA  of 'em?!  These pups are having a party!  There is NO social distancing in this group of hounds, so join in their Tye Dye Party!  Our FUN HOOMAN 'MUZZLES' are made from 100% cotton and are 3 layers thick.  The outer layer is pre-washed flannel and the two inner layers are unbleached muslin.  The design doesn't require a metal band to fit snugly to your face which makes them washable and reusable.   Soft cord elastic is easy on the ears and silicone adjusters make it simple to insure a snug fit. Machine wash warm and tumble dry low to avoid excessive shrinkage.  Adult and Child sizes available.


* Masks are non-returnable and non-refundable

* Carefully hand-made in the U.S.A

* Adult and children's sizes available

* Washable/Reusable

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