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Antler Chewz - PuppiChewz


Available units: 6

Puppy teething doesn't surprise most new dog owners, although just how much puppies use their teeth may. Canine babies must explore their world mostly with their mouths. It’s how they discover all about their environment and new things.

Dogs require vitamins and minerals for healthy development, especially puppies. If a dog does not have enough calcium in his diet, for example, he may try to compensate by chewing stones or plaster. Beware of depriving your dog of a balanced diet. PuppiChewz™ can help. It supplies the daily dose of Calcium that growing dogs need.

There is nothing artificially added to PuppiChewz™. No chemicals, no toxins, no artificial flavors, because we care about what our puppies are exposed to. Our antlers come from free range deer that naturally shed them every year. Not one deer is harmed to collect our antlers. Best of all it’s a naturally renewing resource!