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Mooch's Apawthecary


Dogs are one of the greatest joys in life.  They deserve the very best and we set out to give it to them.



We use only human-grade ingredients that are good for dogs.  Organic eggs, organic honey, organic bananas and much more!



It is a fact that dogs don't process wheat gluten well.  We avoid the tummy issues with gluten-free flour.



If your dog has tummy issues, then you know low-fat is the way to go!  No added oils to our cookies make them easier to digest.



The lack of added oils in our cookies means no need for extra preservatives.  We bake them like biscotti so they have a nice crunch that your dog will love!



We don't want to eat chemical-laden and artificially flavored foods, so why feed it to your dog?  Give them real flavor and they will love it.



We want to make sure that EVERYONE can feed their dog healthier options.  Mooch's Munchies represent "AFFORDABLE QUALITY" leaving NO ONE, pet OR human, behind.

A Lovely Bond

The Bond between a human and their pet is priceless.  Help them live  stronger AND longer with healthy foods and treats.  We can help.


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Want to see what some Happy HOOMANS have to say? Taste a sample of our FULL 5-STAR Reviews below:



I will first start out by saying, my doxie crew did not like dry dog treats UNTIL they tried Mooch’s Munchies!. My friend send my Doxies an assortment of doggy treats (Cheese trainers, Pupkin treats, Gingerbread treats, Peanut Butter candy canes and a Ginger Bread Man too)....I have never seen my crew get so excited for a little, crunchy treat in all of their lives. The treats not only smell good, but even my seniors with almost no teeth can handle them. I highly recommend this shop and all of Doxies give them an enthusiastic ‘paws up’

Jenna S. Las Vegas, NV



I live in South Texas so never had an opportunity to visit the store, but the online service is fantastic! I ordered some peanut butter banana cookies for my 3 year old  Rottweiler (MAX)  and within minutes got confirmation my order was being processed and it was shipped out from there the same day! I ordered them on a Thursday and got them in mail Monday with the cheapest shipping!

When they arrived in my mailbox and I brought them inside the house, in a standard cardboard box that they were shipped in, Max went Crazy jumping up and down higher than I have ever seen a 110 lb dog jump to reach them from me  waiting for them to be opened.  I gave in and gave him one treat before i put them away-- I put them on cabinet with my traditional treats like milk bone biscuits and Max, as I walked away, grabbed a whole bag of the treats- luckily I was able to get them from him before the bag was torn open.. I highly recommend these treats for any dog lover.

David A. - Corpus Christi, TX - FROM YELP



I have a dog with very specific restrictions on his diet, which used to mean no cookies for Koda.  Mooch's had a few options that seemed like they might work. So I gave them the all important puppy taste test.... he loves them!!!

Koda can be a little picky and he absolutely loves the the Banana Bones and my other dog Georgie, loves the Honey Bunny cookies. I will be ordering more now that I know they like them and it was safe for Koda to eat. Thanks Mooch's Munchies for the new treats.

Tiffany N. - San Francisco, CA - FROM YELP 



I love these folks!  My German shepherd Lily has an extremely sensitive tummy and so she is on a very specific diet.  I hated that I couldn't give her treats in between meals.  I explained the problem to Kellie of Moochs Munchies who found the perfect recipe -- Honey Bunnies are an easy-to-digest treat that Lily loves!  They're so good and made with human grade ingredients that I sneak one every now and then too.  ;-)

Tim F. - Las Vegas, NV. - FROM YELP



Amazing stuff ... my dogs have sensitive tummy ... They are so good my puppies love them, they have to have the peas and thank you and there breath is starting to smell good too .

If anyone is looking for a healthy treat that your dogs will love and isn't  going to cost you an arm and a leg,  Mooch's Munchies is your place!

Kellie and Casey are amazing  ... will be a loyal customer for years to come.  :-)

Gabbi T.  - Las Vegas, NV - FROM YELP



If you love your dog like we do Moochs Munchies is THE PLACE to go. Reasonably priced, family owned business - so good for your dog and your dog will LOVE the treats. Please just check it out. Casey and Kellie will make you feel like you're part of the family I swear!!!!  If your worried about price DON'T because it's made BY HAND and it's affordable. Besides we spend more for a single Starbucks coffee then for a bag of delicious treats for your four legged Friend. :-) Just go. 

Paul S - Vacaville, CA - FROM YELP



Great place to visit for local, handmade, GLUTEN-FREE dog treats!  Definitely PAWSOME!

Not only are the products safe for all dogs, but the packaging is cute too! My best friend's dog Dexter, (who I buy treats for), loves the Peanut Butter Banana Bones the best so far!  On my last visit, the Muddy Paws (fun name!) were recommended.  I'm sure they'll be a hit with Dexter!

Owners Casey and Kellie are genuinely kind people who are passionate about what they do for canines and their owners.  The whole bakery idea started because their dog Mooch has dietary intolerances.  After searching for affordably priced gluten free/organic dog treats and not finding any, the Mooch's concept was born!  

Kellie and Casey are proud to provide healthy, dog-safe treats made from the same grade of ingredients as human food--at reasonable prices.  Check out the ingredients listings on their packaging or visit their website to see what I mean.

Still not sure about Mooch's?  Bring your dog with you to their store (pups welcome!) for FREE samples for the both of you.  If you--the human-- try the Cheese "trainers" which are readily supplied by the owners, you will be as shocked as I was that their dog treats really do taste great!

Heather T. - Las Vegas, NV - FROM YELP



I love this place! My dog loves the treats and I never have to worry about recalls which is always one of my biggest worries with dog treats. The owners are always the sweetest and helpful. Highly recommend this place.

Kaitlin S. - Las Vegas, NV - FROM YELP

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